Cleaning Proposal How To Differentiate

Thursday, November 28th 2019. | resume

Cleaning-Proposal-How-To-Differentiate Cleaning Proposal How To Differentiate


Cleaning Proposal How To Differentiate

The commercial cleaning industry is a competitive industry in which many new companies enter the market every day due to the low market entry barriers. What does this mean for you as a business owner of a cleaning company? In other words, it’s more important than ever that your cleaning suggestions are structured to differentiate you from your competitors and deliver a compelling message to your customers.

We have all seen the generic, traditional cleaning proposal that has the boring old sections: cover letter with all statistics and company history, specifications, price, references and model contract. Most cleaning companies present this traditional format and do not take the opportunity to be consultants and to offer custom cleaning solutions to the customer as part of their cleaning proposal.

What is a solution? It’s what it sounds like. It is an attack and action plan to solve a problem or challenge. Take the opportunity to focus on solutions and benefits. See how to integrate a consulting approach into your sales process by including the following in your cleaning proposal:

1) Deploy a Customer Profile – See this as a summary of the current customer environment. With this approach you demonstrate to the customer that you have listened to his / her challenges and understand their business environment. In this way, you want to outline the current challenges for the customer business and the facility. What solutions do you offer to tackle the challenges involved? What result will the customer achieve by implementing your solution (s)?

2) Highlight What Distinguishes Your Cleaning Company (Why “xyz” Cleaning Company) – Briefly describe the benefits or distinctions of your specific cleaning company and the associated benefits to the customer for every benefit. Make sure that you do not refer to features of your service, but to the unique benefits of your cleaning company.

3) Minimizing Customer Risk – One of the reasons for actions that motivate a customer to develop a specific cleaning proposal is that a given proposal could minimize the risk to the customer. What is meant by risk minimization? Think about it, if you are a new cleaning company in the market and compete with more established companies, the customer may be reluctant to move on with you. Therefore, you must eliminate the fear of the customer by providing additional resources to counteract this perception. Outline staff profiles, transition plans or a training matrix? These would be additional tools that may be included in your offer, which most of your competitors are unlikely to do. Immediately differentiate yourself from the “pack”.

Concentrate on the main distinguishing features of your cleaning company so that you can translate these benefits into your cleaning proposal. Your goal is to make sure that when you read your cleaning proposal, the customer clearly understands what sets your business apart and how these distinguishing features are beneficial to the customer’s specific environment.

Douglass Barrios is the founder of GLOBAL INFORMA, a bilingual motivational sales organization focused on helping small business owners grow their business through tailored training, consulting and lecture services.

GLOBAL INFORMA has extensive experience in sales, business development and business success in the commercial cleaning industry.