Consultants Can Be Scary

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Consultants-Can-Be-Scary Consultants Can Be Scary


Consultants Can Be Scary

All answers should be put together from each group. Common problem areas should be highlighted. It is recommended to attend a retreat for at least one day, involving all senior executives and key personnel, to ensure that every area identified through this Discovery Analysis receives the proper attention and discussion. The following ten questions are examples of the 75 questions in the sales discovery questionnaire.

Example sale questions:

1. Do you record and monitor customer complaints?

2. Do you have a customer complaint database to track patterns and identify recurring issues?

3. Do you use this information to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction?

4. Ask for customer feedback?

5. Do you offer your customers a one-stop-shop?

6. Do you record the customer satisfaction based on the filling rates of the internal operating statistics?

7. Can you find waste in operating costs, such as: B. high error costs?

8. Are you getting phone system statistics to analyze call behavior?

9. How do you measure customer satisfaction? Do you have a formal system? Like a certificate?

10. Does your sales force involve suppliers in the sales process?

You may find that with this procedure you have identified the problems clearly enough that you can tackle them without the help of a consultant, or you just need to hire a “team coach” to help you and your team find solutions and react to it. At a minimum, you’ve identified the issues clearly enough to set specific, measurable results for discussion with potential advisers. If you decide to consult with a counselor, ask several. Review the references and request a referral from a consultant for a customer who did not meet their expectations. Do not accept the answer that none of your projects have ever failed. Each consultant had projects that did not meet expectations. Find out why this is the case with their customers.

With your discovery analysis process information, you will now be able to better define the results your consultants expect. Request a quote that clearly defines the services to be provided. Do not be afraid to jeopardize part of their fee due to the results. Make sure you and the consultants agree on a specific schedule. (Important — Request a fixed price proposal)

There are some highly qualified and highly effective consultants specializing in wholesale. The better you can define your expectations, the better your chances of being satisfied with the results. Do your homework.