Get More Freelance Writing Jobs With Templates

Friday, November 29th 2019. | resume

Get-More-Freelance-Writing-Jobs-With-Templates Get More Freelance Writing Jobs With Templates


Get More Freelance Writing Jobs With Templates

There are two types of freelance writers: those who have more work than they could possibly have in one month and those who do not. If you are in this second group and are wondering how to get more free writing jobs then this article is for you. One of the easiest ways to get more work are templates. I use templates to bid for projects on freelance websites like Elance, as well as request letter and cover letter templates when I send my CV. I even have some templates for writing projects that I do over and over again. If you get more free writing jobs in this way, you need to be able to search faster for more work.

If you are not convinced, take a week to see how much time you spend looking for work rather than actually working. Personally, I did that for a month and was surprised that I spent up to 5 hours a week looking for work every week! I know that some freelance writers spend even more every week. This time can quickly lead to a few hundred dollars a month that you are just flushing to the bathroom.

The biggest part of this waste of time is to write quotes and letters from scratch each time. With templates, you can easily enter and submit the details for each job. You can contact more interested parties in less time. On my website I talk about the importance of templates for any writer who is looking for a rewarding career. Note that a template is not the same as a general bid or letter. You never want to fall into the trap by repeatedly copying and pasting a bid or a letter. About 85% or more of the higher paying customers will quickly recognize a generic request and simply throw it away. To get more free writing jobs, you must make each request specific to the job.

For example, a template bid should highlight your skills, experience, and standard fee, and contain 2 – 5 links to your best-published work. There should be gaps in which details are given, such as the time it takes you to do the job, and it should always start with 2-3 sentences that show you have read the job description and are really interested. A template cover letter may include your greeting, contact information, a few lines that discuss experiences and abilities, and room for at least one paragraph that shows your genuine interest in the job.

Using templates to get more freelance writing jobs can save you the time you spend writing the same information over and over again. If you only abuse it through generic letters and commandments, you are basically a spammer. This will ultimately reduce the number of jobs you receive and quickly ruin your reputation as a freelance writer. Use templates wisely, and you’ll quickly fill your schedule with orders that make a lot of money, and your reputation will shine.