Sample of Grant Proposal For HIV

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Sample-of-Grant-Proposal-For-HIV Sample of Grant Proposal For HIV

Sample of Grant Proposal For HIV

This exemplary grant proposal for HIV will be used to illustrate an approach to the preparation of a grant proposal. As a general rule, at least one covering letter will be attached to the proposals, summarizing and explaining the proposal.

Project Abstract

Project Summaries should contain a brief summary of the project on a page or less. It should include the need for the project, the population that will serve it, a brief description of the project and its objectives and objectives. The abstract should contain information about the background and the qualifications of the candidate. Indicate the amount of funding requested. Mention how the program is rated to measure the success of the programs. Write the abstract last. The funders can request something specific for each abstract. Always check the policies of the funders

Example: Grant College, Grantville, GA, is seeking a grant to expand our HIV education program to help all college students, and more than 500 students at risk. The aim is to set up a peer support group and a peer self-help center with telephones and staff to not only raise awareness of HIV but also provide the support students need to combat it. Our program has been tested on a small scale with great success, and we want to make it more accessible to students. Additional personnel, training and computers for the new center will be raised to $ 149,200.

need explanation

The declaration of needs should describe the problem the project is attempting to address. Describe the population to be served.

Example: There are at least 500 vulnerable students between the ages of 16 and 25 in Grant College’s 15,000 student population. It is imperative to reach out to all vulnerable students, and preferably the entire student body, with the risks of HIV and AIDS. Once provided with the information, they need a support system that helps them answer questions and provide support in challenging situations.

Program description

Describe the project or program and how it will be implemented. Indicate what should be achieved and what result should be achieved. Example: This project enables vulnerable students to improve their decision-making skills through peer education and peer support. Students are challenged on a regular basis and need a safe place to learn about the issues, ask questions and get support.

additional information

Here information about the technology to be used or other relevant elements can be inserted.


Describe the project goals in measurable terms that meet the needs of the target audience

Example: The aim of this effort is to increase awareness of HIV, to enable the targeted students to make informed decisions, to provide a safe place to ask questions and make contact, and to provide students with a support system when needed.

1) Annual assessments of students with HIV
2) Monitor the number of peer support students helping the student


Outline realistic expectations regarding installation of equipment, recruitment and training of personnel, etc.


Submit Grant Proposal: Spring, 2009

Expected notification of grants: summer 2009

Buy computers, start training and hire a peer support team: Fall 2009

Renovate the Support Center and install the phones: Winter 2009

Brigid Greene is a member of the American Association of Grant Professionals.

Brigid Greene works in online marketing in Kansas City and is a member of the American Association of Grant Professionals.