Selection Criteria Examples

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Selection Criteria Examples

The importance of getting examples of selection criteria right

Landing this dream job of government can sometimes feel unattainable. Continuous applications and continuing setbacks can be daunting.

Instead of finding the true cause of the problem, we often look at ourselves and wonder what’s wrong with our abilities. Forget it.

Have you ever thought that you are looking in the wrong place? You may have all the prerequisites for the role, but the problem is probably that you write down the examples of your selection criteria.

Are you let down by your examples?

Although there are a number of good reasons why this ideal job escapes you, the fact that writing examples of selection criteria may ruin your chances.

The most common reasons for this are:

1. poorly formulated examples
2. Insufficient written evidence
3. Formulation that is unfamiliar to panel members

As long as you have the skills, qualifications, experience and personal qualities, there is no reason why you are at least not shortlisted.

The most common reason why applicants do not enter the interview phase is that they do not write convincing examples and evidence directly related to the job description.

Providing these important examples of selection criteria is one area that often leaves candidates in the lurch. Well-written examples must:

1. written in a language familiar to the panel members
2. Provide rich examples that address principles, strategies and benefits
3. Clear description of the step-by-step strategy, which is crystal clear

Well-written examples show panel members that you are competent and have the skills and abilities required for the position. In short, the answer you want to reach with all the readers of your examples is, “This person can do the job.”

Employers want to know that candidates have either provided the necessary skills in a previous role; that they have the knowledge; or that they can easily pick up the new skill. This is exemplified by selection criteria.

The importance of writing good examples of selection criteria

o Examples of selection criteria form an essential part of the STAR method (situation, task, actions, results) for writing a selection criteria declaration. The example of your selection criteria should contain the role or situation in which you performed the skill. what you actually did; how you did it; and what was the result of this skill?

o The examples you write must support your claims that you meet a specific selection criterion. For this reason, you must provide specific examples that you can explain in the interview.

o Examples can come from almost every aspect of your life – even if they are not from a role similar to the one you are applying for. Draw examples of selection criteria from any location where you have shown these skills or personal attributes. The key is to use a language that panel members are familiar with and speak their language.

o Written examples must clearly describe the positive results and benefits achieved. What was the result of this action?

Here is a list of the most important tips you can use to write examples of high quality selection criteria:

Tip 1 Use the appropriate words in your examples

Tip 2 Make sure your language is specific and active

Tip 3 Express the benefits of each example at the end

Tip 4 Choose examples that are as close as possible to the role you are applying for

Tip 5 Thoroughly search both the department’s website and job description to carefully select the most relevant keyword phrases for your written examples

Many state applicants are relieved that there is a much better solution if they spend entire weekends writing selection criteria applications using software templates that can significantly reduce and simplify the task.