Ways to Boost Your Resume Without Lying

Wednesday, November 27th 2019. | resume

Ways-to-Boost-Your-Resume-Without-Lying Ways to Boost Your Resume Without Lying


Ways to Boost Your Resume Without Lying

It is very tempting to stay on your CV, given the still competitive job market. However, this should never be considered an option. With so many eligible applicants, companies are more likely to undertake a broader background review. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your CV without lying. Remember, the purpose of your CV is to give you a job interview, not to get you a job. Against this background, there are simple solutions to solve even the biggest problems associated with the CV without lying.

1. Gaps in employment

Large gaps in your employment history are one of the biggest potential changes for a prospective employer. Instead of lying and filling gaps with experiences that you have not made, justify the gaps that exist. For example, one of the most common reasons for employment gaps for women is that they took a few years off to look after small children. Instead of saying that you have taken time off for your children, say that you have taken a break from the private sector to become more involved with the community. There is a great chance for children to do volunteer work. So do not be afraid to use them for your benefit. Remember, everything you do serves a purpose.

2. Education

Lying about your education has become a surprisingly common tactic. Unfortunately, the schools have made it very easy for your employer to check you. For example, suppose you have studied for three or more years, but have never graduated. Do not lie, but tell the employers why you are not done. For example, you accepted a full-time job that did not finish your education. Also, always state that you are trying to graduate online or through additional education.

3. experience

While it may seem like a risk that you want to take, it can get you in trouble if you lie about your past experiences. If you are asked to do XYZ because you said you could process your application, it becomes obvious that you lied and are likely to be fired. The key is to focus on the highlights of your experience. If you were the lead server in a restaurant, you could say that you’ve trained and managed a sales force to ensure daily productivity. The importance is what you have done, not where you did it.

4. Use keywords

Make sure you review the job posting and the company description and try to use the same keywords in your resume as found on the ad. This achieves two goals at the same time. First, your resume passes the scanners that many companies use to pre-qualify resumes. Second, your CV looks good to your prospective employer because you have exactly the skills you are looking for.

It is always tempting to be on your CV, but it should be avoided at all costs. Companies have more potential employees to choose from, which means a more thorough background search. Use these 4 ways to improve your CV without lying.

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